Mobility Flow - Flexibility and Health

Mobility Flow

Mobility Flow is the perfect workout for staying fit and pain-free at any age.

Just join in and ...

  • improve your mobility
  • reduce muscle tension
  • improve posture
  • maintain free-moving joints
  • increase performance

With Mobility Flow you train your flexibility in a pleasant and harmonious way. By slowly approaching your stretching limits, you not only keep your body fit, but also ensure healthy joints and increased mobility.

The entire musculoskeletal system of the body is activated by the dynamic mobilization, tensions are released, elasticity is improved and you become generally more resilient in everyday life.

Whole Body Training

Mobility Flow is not about rigid stretching and does not perform isolated exercises for individual muscles, but rather focuses on mobilizing entire muscle chains and areas of the body.

All exercises are performed very slowly and concentrated so that stretching has a lasting effect and your body awareness is improved as well.

Due to the variety of exercises it is never boring and besides your are training your whole body.

Mobility training is also an excellent basis for strength training and muscle building, as the full range of motion can be used.

Healthy Joints

Healthy joints are a prerequisite for optimal mobility and therefore joints are also an important focus in Mobility Flow. Inside the joint you will find the articular cartilage, which has outstanding sliding properties and thus enables the functioning of the joint.

The cartilage is supplied with all the necessary nutrients via synovial fluid, which is introduced into the joint space with every movement. Thus, sufficient and comprehensive movement is particularly important to maintain mobility and healthy joints.

Flexible and Mobile

Have you ever observed what happens when a cat wakes up and starts moving?

Cats start with a very strong and long stretch before they take off. So use the intuitive knowledge of cats and become just as agile, supple and active.

Questions and answers

We have compiled the most important questions and answers on a separate page. You can find them on the Mobility Flow FAQ page.